Little Turtle Storage FAQ

Where is Little Turtle Storage located? Our facility is located at 5212 Decatur Rd, where the Little Turtle Go-Kart Track used to be. We are directly across from Bishop Luers and Soutgate Plaza on US 27. Our drive is between Twin Brothers and MKS (Michael, Kinder & Sons). Look for the sign with a big green turtle shell!

How do I go about renting a unit? You can rent a unit online, call us at (260) 215-4419 or use the kiosk at our facility. Move-in as soon as your are done. It couldn’t be easier!

What are your hours?
Our facility is fully automated so you can rent online, at the kiosk or access your unit 24/7. We are available by phone Mon-Sat 9am-6pm or in person by appointment.

Want a tour of the facility?
Give us a call to make an appointment or check out our videos on You Tube:

How do I pay?
We accept all major credit cards and offer autopay. The kiosk contains a credit card machine for your convenience.

Do I need a lock?
No! Your unit comes with high quality disc a lock that is yours to keep. The combination is included in your paperwork.

How secure is your facility? Our state of the art facility is fenced, gated and equipped with over 20 HD security cameras.

What about pest control?
Our facility is professionally managed by Arrow Pest Control Services.
Do you offer climate controlled units?
Yes. We use state-of-the-art dehumidifiers and HVAC systems to keep your valuables safe. This means the relative humidity is kept below 55% and the temperature is kept between 55 F and 85 F.

What's the differency between climate and temperature controlled?
The definition of climate-controlled storage varies among storage companies and locations, but the most common difference between climate-controlled and temperature-controlled is humidity. Temperature-controlled facilities only manage temperature, while climate-controlled facilities typically manage both temperature and humidity. Little Turtle Storage offers CLIMATE-CONTROLLED units.

What does my tenant insurance cover?
For the protection of your personal property, Little Turtle Storage offers tenant insurance from Safestor. Your personal property is not covered by the facility.

Can I borrow dollies or hand carts while at Little Turtle Storage? You sure can. Dollies and hand carts are available to borrow for free. They take the stress and strain out of moving heavy or large items.

Are those solar panels on the roof?
Yes! Little Turtle Storage strives to be as green as possible. The solar panels can generate 36 kW at peak capacity and will produce more power each year than we consume - even with electric heat! We also have automated lighting and state-of-the art HVAC equipment.